The Schizophrenia Courses that we have been holding over the last twenty four years are addressed to mental health care professionals. Their objective is still to facilitate the relationship and knowledge between professionals involved in and interested in better understanding and helping these patients.

The Spanish and foreign professors who have been attending our Courses form a part of the most innovating and outstanding national and international vanguard in this field, both due to their practice involvement in new and more extensive pathways of investigation and treatment for these patients as well as their interest in spreading and sharing their experiences and knowledge with us.

We believe in the power of innovation and technology to continue improving and reforming our practice in this field of mental health with training activities, because of this and de to the current situation, this year the course will be in virtual format.

This year we continue with the possibility of Poster presentations (e-posters) in the course and thus make the works and research of merit in this field of the professionals from different sites known and we will also extend the intensive, reduced and practical Workshops, as many of those attending have been requested in the evaluation sheets we hand out at the end of the Courses.

The Schizphrenia Course that we hold every year aims to be a place where we can participate, inform, learn, teach, and think about it, a place in which we can communicate and a forum of motivation, interest and enthusiasm for more global views of these problems and more complete and effective therapeutic programs.

Manuel González de Chávez
Schizophrenia Research, Treatment and other Psychoses Foundation